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Starting at the age of eight, I realized I had a love for programming. Initially, I was impressed with the thought of being able to create things such as websites, games, and other things from the comfort of my room. After looking into it for a decent while, I began teaching myself how to program in Batch / MS-DOS and had fully completed several RPG games. This marked the beginning of my interest in Computer Science, and ultimately has lead me to where I am today. Now, I own and operate a company dedicated to giving back to the customers and guaranteeing satisfaction.



Founder, CEO

Founded circa de June 2014, RHQOnline has been running strong ever since. Specializing in online freelancing with a broad range of certifications and strengths, RHQOnline prides itself in the satisfaction return rate of it's customers!



As I get more time to work on this, it will be updated with intralinks to other projects locally hosted for permanance :)

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